What Are Squatters Rights?

Squatting is a term used to describe an individual occupying a property without the permission of the owner or legal tenant. It is a practice that has been around for centuries and is still seen in various parts of the world today. Squatters may occupy a home, an apartment, or an entire building, depending on the situation. But what are their rights?    

Squatters do not have the same rights as a tenant or homeowners. In most cases, they have no right to remain on the property and are considered trespassers. If the owner of the property chooses to evict the squatter, they must go through the legal process of eviction. However, there are some areas where squatters have rights, and it’s important to understand what those rights are.        

In the United States, squatters may have a few rights depending on the state. In some states, squatters can gain ownership of the property if they occupy it for a certain amount of time and can prove that they have been paying taxes and providing upkeep on the property. In other states, squatters may not have a right to remain in the property but may be able to pursue a claim for damages from the owner if they can prove that they have been living in the property continuously.                            

Squatters also have certain rights in terms of contracts. If a squatter has a rental agreement with the owner of the property, then that agreement must be honored. This means that the owner of the property must provide the squatter with the same rights and obligations as a tenant.     

Finally, squatters may have the right to pursue a claim for damages against the owner of the property for any injuries that occur on the premises. If a squatter is injured due to a dangerous condition on the property, then they may be able to seek compensation from the owner. 

At Volunteer Buyers, we understand that squatting can be a complicated issue and it’s important to understand the rights of both the owner and the squatter. If you are the owner of a property and find yourself in a situation where a squatter is living on the property, we can help. We offer cash offers in just 24 hours and can take the property off your hands quickly and easily with no prep work required. Contact us today to learn more.  

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