The Costs of a Traditional Home Sale

Selling your home the traditional way is an often stressful process. Whether you’re looking to move up or downsize, it’s important to understand the costs that come with a traditional home sale. By familiarizing yourself with these potential expenses, you can plan ahead and make sure you have the necessary funds to complete the sale of your home, or consider alternatives like selling to a cash home-buying company.


Any issues found during a buyer’s inspection must be addressed before closing on your home. Depending on what needs repairing, this could mean shelling out thousands of dollars for repairs such as replacing old HVAC systems, water heaters, electrical wiring, etc. It’s always best to be aware of any potential issues before they become an issue for buyers.  When you sell to a cash home-buying company, however, you won’t have to make any repairs before selling, saving you a huge chunk of change

Time and Stress

Selling your house traditionally can be a time-consuming process – from marketing and staging it to finding a real estate agent who is willing to work for the best deal for you. Along with time comes stress — dealing with deadline after deadline and all that comes along with making sure everything is for closing day. When you sell the traditional route, you have to be ready for the process to take months. Selling to a cash home-buying company can have you closing in as little as one week, and typically within a month. 

Commissions and Fees

With traditional sales, there are typically fees paid by both the buyer and seller. These fees include real estate commissions which are typically paid from the proceeds of the sale as well as additional closing costs such as title insurance fees, escrow fees, taxes, loan origination fees (if applicable), transfer taxes, etc. It’s important to understand all these costs upfront so you can factor them into your budget when deciding how much you will list your house for. Selling to a cash home-buying company, on the other hand, frees you from commission fees, closing costs, and other fees – all you have to worry about is the sale price.

Selling your house traditionally requires some knowledge of the costs associated with such a sale. From repairs that may need to be done before listing it on the market through the closing day when fees are due – understanding all that goes into a traditional sale is key to having a successful transaction. Knowing what lies ahead will help you plan accordingly and prepare financially so that when it comes time to sell your home, you’ll feel confident knowing that everything went smoothly!

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