Understanding Probate Properties

The probate process can be a confusing one. It’s not often that someone goes through this process, but understanding the ups and downs of the process can make it go much more smoothly. This is a bit of what could happen to a home during the probate process.

Appoint An Executor

The first step in dealing with a house during the probate process is to appoint an executor of the estate. After filing for probate with the court, a legal official will appoint an executor to handle the matters of the estate. This individual can be directly mentioned in the will, or the court can choose who to appoint. Once this is done, whoever has been appointed will be able to have access to the estate and make any necessary changes. The executor will help the probate court distribute the decedent’s estate among any heirs. 

Determine the Property’s Outcome

Once an executor has been appointed, the next step for the property is determining who it will be transferred to. Oftentimes, the deceased will name a specific individual in their will that will inherit the home. If this is the case, the court will be able to directly transfer the property to the individual. However, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes, the deceased didn’t provide a will, or there are other extenuating circumstances that can disrupt the process. Sometimes, the executor may choose to sell the property in probate. Whatever the outcome is, determining it is the next step.

Sell the Property in Probate

If the executor and the courts determine that the property should be sold, the next step will be to sell it. At this point, the probate process will already have taken several months. If the house is sold through traditional methods, doing so adds several months to the probate process. Houses that are sold in probate often require extensive repairs to be appealing to buyers. However, there are simpler ways to sell a home in probate. Reaching out to a company that purchases homes for cash can significantly speed up the process. These companies buy homes in any condition, and provide you with a fair and honest cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

When a house goes through the probate process, there are several possible outcomes. If the house ends up being sold, doing so can add unnecessary stress to the executor. Instead, sell the home to a cash buying company for an easy selling experience.

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